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Hoosier Weather NOW

August 8-9, 2022

Some of you have seen half a months worth of rainfall today - many others got the golden goose egg! That is not just the nature of the beast during the summer - but it becomes even more evident when we have areas of the state in a drought condition. Tomorrow will be a lot like today - with perhaps a more southern orientation. We have isolated to widely scattered rain/storm chances Wednesday and Thursday - but cooler and lower humidity levels will begin to push in. The humidity will stair step decline, and by Friday....dew points will be in the upper 40's to middle 50's - as comfortable as it gets in August!!! Only spotty showers are possible on Sunday. We are about to enter bonus territory, and we have EARNED IT!!!

I still see some significant heat returning late month....

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  • Meredith: - You can't ask for better weather explanations and forecasts at a very affordable price!  The way Chris and his team interacts with us is amazing, especially in times of severe weather.  We always have more notice for potential severe storms, excess cold and heat, and the long, long range outlooks are very much appreciated.  With […]
  • Tammy - WFAH is the only weather i pay attention to. Accurate, reliable weather in an easy to understand mode. Well worth the price. I feel safe knowing Chris is monitoring severe weather and i can get real time. He stays on it until the threat has passed. I highly recommend WFAH. You can trust what he […]
  • D.S.: - Love everything; comical once in a while, educational, prepared in advance, great rapport with forecaster for the great price.  Extremely interactive!  Can’t have that with the weather corporations or networks.
  • Lori: - You made a believer out of me years ago. Your forecast is more accurate that any of the "tv" forecasts. You can't find any other source that gives you the kind of individualized forecast as this. Chris doesn't just give you a forecast. He explains what is going on with the atmosphere. It's a master […]
  • Kevin: - As a small business owner in the lawn and landscaping industry, WFAH has helped not only stay safe but also save money.  The long term outlooks are prefect for project planning while the shorter term forecasts are so accurate rarely do we miss working because of poor forecasts.   Worth every penny and more for the […]
  • Jeanette: - My husband and I are 4th generation farmers raising corn, soybeans, wheat and pigs. We make major decisions based on the weather! Your forecasts have helped us determine optimal planting days, when we can spray our fields and when to watch for dangerous storms that could cause power outages in our pig barns. We appreciate […]