• Jan: - THANK YOU so much for your constant updates all the way through the overnight regarding strong winds on Sunday morning (2/25).   I have a weather alert radio and it never went off once.  I had no idea winds were coming my way until I saw your posts.  I had time to bring our car into […]
  • Brad: - I wanted to share how grateful I am to Chris for the past week especially Wednesday (January 24th)  while I was in Florida. I plow and salt for winter income and my wife and I have been wanting to go on vacation all winter. While I was in Florida i read the blog that was […]
  • Trisha: - A HUGE shout out to you for encouraging me to keep my event outside last night when everyone else was saying.....have you looked at the radar?!!!!!!   I put my trust in your weather skills!!  We had an awesome event OUTSIDE and there was NO RAIN!!!  You're the BEST, Chris! Thank you!!!!
  • Valerie: - So many times the news stations and NWS are very slow to react. Chris always lays out the potential of anything coming our way and is nearly SPOT ON every time. I don't even listen to any of our local weather stations anymore. There is only one place to get weather from and that's by […]
  • Annie: - I'm LOVING the member perks via the members page. Tonight (Severe weather night) you proved to be more reliable than the NWS, faster at warnings, and even had the time to interact and answer our questions. Thank you thank you! I also appreciate being able to message you pictures, questions of weather and you help […]
  • Joyce: - We had severe weather the other night (May 20, 2017) - we did not even have a Thunderstorm (or Tornado) Watch.  We had a storm (that) warranted a warning and we got nothing.  If I had not been able to get information from you we would have been completely unaware. Thank you. Just that night […]
  • Michael: - The advance notice on all of the rainfall over the last week (April 28 to May 5) saved us thousands of dollars when it came to planting and landscaping work done.  I knew 10 days ahead of time when heavy rainfall would hit, and you were nearly totally accurate with amounts and timing.  I have […]
  • Alan: - I originally joined as a monthly member thinking that I would only be interested in snow and winter weather.  Little did I expect the coverage and forecasts to be as good, if not better during severe weather!  I think that the cost is too cheap for the service that you provide.  The members group on […]
  • Debby: - TIME and TIME again -- when the weather gets rough, I know about it days ahead of time, thanks to this site!  When the National Weather Service and the (Storm Prediction Center) have us in a low risk and Chris says exactly what is coming, Chris is almost always dead on.  I don't know what […]
  • Kathy: - When I saw all of the posts on Facebook being shared that (a local TV station) wrote, I came straight to WFAH.  I wanted to see whether we really were looking at 6" - 9" of snowfall.  It is such a treat to have access to your information, Chris.  You spell things out so that […]
  • James: - The blogs have given me information that I can't get from any television or free internet site, especially when it comes to details regarding the weather that is coming.  I often compare what I see here to the television news, and I can't recall a time when tv was right and you were wrong. Weather […]
  • Christina: - THANK YOU!!!  You have been able to convince my husband that this was well worth the money!  I have followed you since you were involved with another weather group, and I told my husband that I wanted a membership for Christmas.  He didn't get me one, but Santa did!  He kept looking at his (national) […]
  • Eric: - I'd like to thank Chris for all of his hard work and brainpower, that keeps my family safe.  I'm extremely appreciative for this extraordinarily reliable source for weather information!  God Bless!!!
  • Derek: - We had our office Christmas Party in Lafayette this past Friday (December 16).   After watching your calls for ice since Tuesday, I told our office to plan to end the party around 7:30.  We did.  There was no advisory or warning issued but I had followed your posts and blog.   Some people in […]
  • Kim: - I am not sure what I like best about this service.  I get multiple updates a day, much more in severe weather.  Tornadoes, snow storms, ice storms, heat waves, cold snaps - it doesn't matter.  Chris is always keeping people updated.  I used to follow Channel (X) because of their outstanding storm coverage, but Chris […]
  • Pat: - Once again, Chris is right on target with his forecast!  I just noticed that the mainstream media is saying that the Winter Weather Advisory has been extended due to temperatures not getting as warm as predicted due to a frozen surface.   Who was it who told us that would happen?!! Way to go Chris, […]
  • Julie: - In addition to all of the weather outlooks, the forecasts and the blog, I love the communication on the "members only" Facebook page.  We not only get constant updates on the weather, radar images and the latest information on the weather, but we can talk to other people who are weather junkies like I am. […]
  • Marcus: - I have a few friends who have been following you for years.  I decided to take the plunge when my weather app was calling for up to a foot of snow in (my city) this past weekend and you were calling for much less.  My friends told me that you explain why the weather is […]
  • Marcie: - I joined the website in October after being hesitant to join in the past.  My thought was, "why pay for something that you can get for free?"  After reading some of the comments and testimonials from members, I decided to give it a try.  I am now totally sold!  The way that you put weather […]
  • Rick: - I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you keeping us all informed yesterday (August 24).  I'm sure it was a stressful and crazy day and judging by your posts I'm not even sure you slept at all. I think your "normal" weather work on most days is well worth the price of a […]
  • Chad: - I'm so grateful for Chris McNew and everything he did keeping us members up to date and weather aware yesterday. (August 24)  We were told 2 days prior in his blog that there was potential for tornadoes. I was at work in Muncie, while my wife and children were in Kokomo as the storms came […]
  • Laurie: - For real! Tonight was scary.  I lost my TV signal because of the approaching storms with funnel clouds.   If not for this site, I would have been blind!  --Thank you Chris McNew for all that you do!
  • Shawn: - Chris McNew does an awesome job with this site. Always updated and real time info - except when like today he was actually in the eye of the storms producing spin up tornadoes! 😀 Take a look around the "members only" site and for $24 a year (7 pennies a day!) you can have as […]
  • Beau: - All who are group members of WFAH knew about a slight chance for tornados today...other weather services in Indiana NOT ONE WORD...just imagine if it would have been worse!! IN weather is hard to predict as we all know, but this man, Chris McNew, is the best forecaster in IN hands down and once again made […]
  • Mike’s Lawn Care: - Weather for All Hoosiers is great!  Chris is always spot on and in my line of work, an accurate forecast is crucial. There has been numerous times when I've asked how much of a window I have to determine if I can get out and get any decent amount of work done. I also love […]
  • Greg: - The service that Chris provides here is invaluable. It is worth much more than the subscription cost. I am on our local fireworks and festival committee. Our chairman and council wanted to postpone our display scheduled for Monday night as early as Saturday based upon our local television station's weather forecast. I discussed this with […]
  • Joa: - "The information you get on the website for the very small membership fee is priceless to me. It's all organized and the website allows for more pics, charts, ect that helps me understand what is happening outside when we have severe weather especially. Also for me I live in the country more often than not […]
  • Glenda: - "Thank you Chris, for the weather information regarding severe thunderstorms last night. When the satellite went out it was your updates that kept me up to date. The kids felt safer knowing that you were giving us constant radar views and updates."
  • Jennifer: - "I would like to thank Chris for keeping everybody up to date on what was going on last evening with the severe weather moving through Indiana. The local TV news reporters were only focusing on the Indianapolis area. When you have children sleeping upstairs not knowing what's going on, or if you need to wake […]
  • Nancy: - "I follow all of the TV stations as well as a few on line weather forecasters. I appreciate Chris' accuracy, dedication, and constant interaction with his group. He has 15,000 followers on Facebook and, he always seems to find time to respond to questions. I have previewed the new website and will be joining. It […]
  • Ron: - "I have followed Chris' weather forecasts long before he started his Weather for All Hoosiers group. I've described him to friends and family as my GO-TO guy for accurate weather information. I have followed a couple other weather groups IN THE PAST, but … sometimes days go by without a post from them. If you're […]
  • Chad: - "I am an essential personnel employee and travel 500 mi a week for work. Knowing about winter storms is crucial for my travels. I stumbled upon Chris' weather forecasting when he was with another weather group. I was very impressed with his knowledge, dedication during winter and severe weather, and his heart of a teacher […]
  • Terry: - "I have followed Chris since he started. He is well respected throughout Indiana. He has a lot of knowledge in weather and is closer to the right forecast each and every day. He is always posting updates and explains things with detail. He is a great teacher as well as a family man. You could […]
  • Mary Ann: - "I always come to Chris' site when severe weather is heading my way. He is great about covering all kinds of weather with much accuracy. I will be joining his new website! Keep up the great work, Chris. I know you have put your heart into it."
  • Andy: - "I appreciate the accuracy and dedication of this site.  The coverage before and during severe weather coverage is exceptional; much more than just "here are the warnings".  If you want as much heads up as possible, this is the place for you!  Easter Sunday coverage was much better than anything on local television."
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