Meet McNew


It seems as though I was predestined to become a weather nut. I was born during an extreme heat wave in August, and our car didn't have air conditioning. I wasn't a lover of heat and humidity then, and I am still not a fan.My first weather memory is watching Bob McLain "going live" on our black and white floor console TV during the Super Tornado Outbreak in April, 1974. Several major tornadoes struck Indiana that day, and I followed McLain looking for hook echoes on the old style black and white radar. Who else remembers "ground clutter"???

I became a "weather geek"...(before that was a thing) during the winters of 1976-77 and 77-78. In each of those winters, we saw extended periods of bitter cold, strong winds and copious amounts of snow. As students, we missed over 6 weeks of school in 1978 alone....and we didn't have to make up ONE SINGLE DAY!

What always frustrated me was the unreliability of forecasts back then. I remember more than once going to bed expecting a snow storm, because that was what was predicted and warned, only to wake up to nothing. I also remember a few times waking up in the morning with nothing expected only to find a half foot of fresh snow. I couldn't believe that this was the best "they" could do.

I began serious study of meteorology in the early 1980's. I studied several college level weather texts and visited with and learned from weather forecasters at the National Weather Service and the Indianapolis market TV stations. While visiting, I learned valuable skills about forecasting from Stan Wood, Bob McLain, Randy Ollis, Tom Magnuson and Bob Gregory that I still use today.

In 1982, I began broadcast forecasting for my hometown's local Cable Access channel. While I continued to learn and study, I was also a weather observer for the National Weather Service as well as WTHR, WISH and WXIN in Indianapolis. At college, I was the Monday-Friday weather forecaster for HCTV-Channel 19 based in Noblesville, IN that served the communities of Insight Cable Television. While I always wanted to go to college to be a TV meteorologist, a conversation with one Indianapolis prognosticator changed my mind. He told me very seriously, "If you want to be on TV, you have to get used to the fact that your job will always be on the line depending on the ratings and how well your station management likes you."

Thanks to the wonderful education that I received at Lincoln Elementary School in Tipton, Hamilton Heights, and Indiana University, I have a strong education in science and health. I decided that my talents would be best served in a classroom, where I taught for 20 years. During this time, I continued to learn valuable meteorological skills from some of the best forecasters and presenters in Indianapolis. In 2007, I began Internet forecasting as a part of the North Central Indiana Weather Group....and branched out on my own in late 2013. Winter forecasting and severe thunderstorm/tornado forecasting are my passions....but I enjoy all of it. There is NEVER a mundane moment in the weather department!!

I also enjoy educating people about the weather -- I want people to know WHY things are happening. It's nice to know that we are going to see a snow storm....or an extended period of highs in the 90s....but WHY!? If a storm shifts its track at the last minute, why? I provide these, and many more answers in my detailed weather discussions called "McNew's View Big Blog". I continue my role as teacher in "Mr. McNew's Weather Class" as well. The REAL TIME LIGHTNING data is proving to be a very popular tool for members and the ZONE SPECIFIC FORECASTS are quite valuable, particularly for farmers and others whose livelihood can be affected by the weather, no matter what the season.highway rainbow

I use a wide range of computer model guidance and organic forecasting techniques to provide the best prediction I can about what will happen and explain that to you as best as I can....knowing that not everyone has a strong background in science. I am committed to giving you THE MOST accurate, up to date weather information for ALL of Indiana, knowing that Mother Nature likes to keep us humble and remind us that we are just the medium to delivering our honest take on what will happen. The forecaster is not in control of what the weather will deliver, but I do my best to make sure you know as soon as possible when it changes and why. There are over 26,000 people who have come to count on me for the best in accurate....timely.... weather information.