I can always count on the most accurate weather report by going to WFAH. Whenever the weather changes, they update as soon as possible. My family is better protected because of WFAH. I am able to warn neighbors about stuff being left outside and keep our neighborhood safer. Honestly, everyone should purchase this weather service...


Chris McNew has the BEST, most ACCURATE weather blog I know of! I have followed, and studied, severe weather since I was in my 20's. I'm now in my late 70s and find it such a relief to have someone who KNOWS forecasting and does a great job of it! The best money I have...

Jo Ellen:

You have always had the most accurate and up to date weather report of anyone else in the area. Sometimes at work people will say the weather is supposed to do this or do that. Then I say, “Well my weather guy says...” and it reminds me of the old TV commercial for EF Hutton...


I plow snow for a company, they pay for a weather service (we’ll call it brand x), and I like to compare WFAH’s weather to theirs. My boss was skeptical at first but now takes the forecast from here more seriously compared to how many times brand x has underplayed a winter weather event.


Besides being thee most accurate source i have found anywhere it has also been a lifesaver! during a bad storm power had went out and I had no back up systems at that point but my phone! tornado sirens had went off and because of Chris McNew and WFAH Members Page, I was able to stay ahead...


Being the landscaping business, I love the ability to be able to get real-time estimates for areas I’m working in for when storms are moving in. It definitely keeps me safe and I avoid getting wet/struck by lightning.


Wintertime forecasting is extremely difficult just like this storm coming Saturday/Sunday!  (1-30/31 2021)  You have to make educated guesses! I like that you own up to being wrong sometimes and adjust on the fly as the storm hits with real time updates!


Your amazing in your forecasts! I’ve learned so much about weather which helps me in keeping our families safe.  Thank you for all you do


"I see that the National Weather Service issued Excessive Heat Watches today. Like always, you beat them by a few days. Great Job!!"


"I want to thank you so much for all of your severe weather reporting, but in particular the reports from this past weekend. We were driving through Madison County and because of your advance notice, we were able to change direction and avoid the large hail. Our family doesn't get weather reports like yours any...

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