"I follow all of the TV stations as well as a few on line weather forecasters. I appreciate Chris' accuracy, dedication, and constant interaction with his group. He has 15,000 followers on Facebook and, he always seems to find time to respond to questions. I have previewed the new website and will be joining. It...


"I have followed Chris' weather forecasts long before he started his Weather for All Hoosiers group. I've described him to friends and family as my GO-TO guy for accurate weather information. I have followed a couple other weather groups IN THE PAST, but … sometimes days go by without a post from them. If you're...


"I am an essential personnel employee and travel 500 mi a week for work. Knowing about winter storms is crucial for my travels. I stumbled upon Chris' weather forecasting when he was with another weather group. I was very impressed with his knowledge, dedication during winter and severe weather, and his heart of a teacher...


"I have followed Chris since he started. He is well respected throughout Indiana. He has a lot of knowledge in weather and is closer to the right forecast each and every day. He is always posting updates and explains things with detail. He is a great teacher as well as a family man. You could...

Mary Ann:

"I always come to Chris' site when severe weather is heading my way. He is great about covering all kinds of weather with much accuracy. I will be joining his new website! Keep up the great work, Chris. I know you have put your heart into it."


"I appreciate the accuracy and dedication of this site.  The coverage before and during severe weather coverage is exceptional; much more than just "here are the warnings".  If you want as much heads up as possible, this is the place for you!  Easter Sunday coverage was much better than anything on local television."

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