Why purchase a WFAH weather membership when there are so many "free" options out there?

  • If you only require an Indiana forecast for the next 5-7 days that may or may not be dependable and isn't necessarily zone specific,
  • If all you need is as much explanation as can be fit into 2-3 minutes of air time,
  • If the National Weather Service's failure to give you adequate notice when severe weather is possible - is acceptable to you,
  • If all you want is to look at an on line blog that might be updated once per day with no additional updates and no interaction with the forecaster,

Then any "FREE" weather source will do.


  • If you like knowing specifics before EVERYBODY ELSE,
  • If you like knowing why the weather is doing what it is doing,
  • If you need a reliable long term outlook with an Indiana emphasis before ANYONE ELSE,
  • If you like constant interaction & feedback with your forecaster,
  • If you like learning more about the weather,

This Site IS for YOU!!!!!!




ONLY $6 per month when you pay each MONTH.
BEST VALUE = $29.99 per YEAR! It's ONLY $2.50 per month when you join and pay for the year in advance. That is over a 60% savings vs. the monthly rate!

Here is what you get for your membership:

  • DEPENDABLE, zone specific forecasts for all of Indiana, because one size doesn't fit all!
  • In-Depth blog entries explaining the weather, graphics included. Blog in Podcast form as well!
  • Reliable long term perspective - the outlook beyond 7 days.
  • Post storm analysis recapping what happened and why, including a breakdown of the forecast. Right or Wrong, you will know why!
  • A truly interactive members only forum, where you actually see my feedback to posts!
  • Ask weather related questions in the ASK CHRIS blog.
  • The WEATHER QUICKIE - Weather Summary of what is to come.
  • An educational blog, so that you can become better informed on forecasting techniques. Weather related activities for children - SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!
  • Honest, responsible forecasting without the hype! There are no consultants, news directors or station managers here to direct how I report or what words I use!
  • Direct links to all of the important sites for school and business delays & closings, NWS issues alerts, power outages and road conditions -- ALL on THIS site.
  • CONTESTS from time to time!!
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES to the website planned at no added cost!
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