What to Expect

  • At least one message in "McNew's Views" every weekday...(weekends as needed)....With MULTIPLE updates in the Members Only Facebook group.
  • An updated zone forecast every day.
  • The best forecasting skills that I have to offer in each and every post
  • Over 150 pieces of Operational and Ensemble model data are used every day, as well as organic forecasting techniques & non-traditional methodology to bring you the best forecast possible.
  • As much advanced notice as possible when it comes to severe weather and hazardous winter weather.  You will often have a couple of week’s heads up about potential storms, heat waves and cold snaps.
  • An explanation in layman's terms as to what has happened....and what will happen.
  • When severe weather (winter storms/thunderstorms/tornadoes) approaches--- you will have CONSTANT INTERACTION and INFORMATION. You won't be left to guess!!
  • I can say what I want, be as upfront as possible and update you as often as needed because I don't have to answer to anyone but you! There isn't a weather consultant, news director, or station manager in my ear and I don't have ratings to worry about.