How to Set Favorites

Adding a Short Cut to your Home Page
Depending on the phone:
  1. Search for the site in a browser (Androids work well with Google Chrome).
  2. After you get to the website homepage, look for 3 dots in the top right corner.
  3. Find the option “ADD TO HOME SCREEN”
  4. Select that. NOTE: If you don’t find that option, try a different search engine.
Here is a link that shows how to set favorites on Android Phones:

What to do if you get a "FORBIDDEN" Error on your Phone or Notebook
  1. Update your phone or notebook
  2. Clear the history for WFAHWEB.COM
  3. Do a completely new Log in to:
Most of the errrors people are reporting are from users of Apple Products. The suggestions here should help with most problems you encounter.