I wanted to share how grateful I am to Chris for the past week especially Wednesday (January 24th)  while I was in Florida. I plow and salt for winter income and my wife and I have been wanting to go on vacation all winter. While I was in Florida i read the blog that was posted Monday and told messaged Chris that I was concerned about what to tell my guys for salting. He said check properties Tuesday am and Wednesday am. (My foreman did exactly that and they only had to salt Wednesday morning. I got a call that woke me up it was the manager from our largest property Wednesday morning at 430 am asking what was going on with the parking lot. I responded I don't know I'm in Florida but my guys have it handled I'm sure. And I told him I'd call him right back. I called my foreman and he said they had been salting since 3 am and all lots would be done by 8 am opening times. I have to thank Chris because if not from his guidance I would have a lot of people pissed at me. For the few I see upset on here that Chris didn't tell them what was going on I would suggest reading the blogs and checking in with Chris a couple times a week. I always read and ask questions in a personal message. He is always very quick to respond and never complains about the 1000s of questions I ask weekly. He was a school teacher, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask.

Again, thank you Chris!

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