I am not sure what I like best about this service.  I get multiple updates a day, much more in severe weather.  Tornadoes, snow storms, ice storms, heat waves, cold snaps - it doesn't matter.  Chris is always keeping people updated.  I used to follow Channel (X) because of their outstanding storm coverage, but Chris is better.  He covers not just Indianapolis, but he remembers that a lot of people live outside of the city.  I love the members group on Facebook because he updates that quite a bit and provides a radar image as well as an explanation to go along with the picture.  He seems to have a special knack for calling severe weather way before I ever heard about the threat on TV or on my now useless weather app.  He is very responsive as well.  If I have a question, he always gets back to me pretty quickly.  His blogs are easy to understand and his forecasts are valued.  Plus, it is DIRT CHEAP to join!  This is the best $24 I have spent in a long time!

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