I'm so grateful for Chris McNew and everything he did keeping us members up to date and weather aware yesterday. (August 24)  We were told 2 days prior in his blog that there was potential for tornadoes.

I was at work in Muncie, while my wife and children were in Kokomo as the storms came thru. Chris kept the group up to date with all the pertinent information ALL ACROSS THE STATE OF INDIANA concerning storms, alerts, warnings, direction of travel etc.

Chris gives us the play by play when it comes to severe weather and winter storms, REGARDLESS OF THE HOUR!!

He also creates a daily blog detailing what to expect in the next few days.

To me and my family this man and his services are a steal at $24/yr. Even if you lose power during an event all his info concerning the event is at the power of your fingertips in the special group for all members.

Don't be surprised by what mother nature throws at ya. Contact WFAH and get signed up and become INFORMED today!

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