The service that Chris provides here is invaluable. It is worth much more than the subscription cost. I am on our local fireworks and festival committee. Our chairman and council wanted to postpone our display scheduled for Monday night as early as Saturday based upon our local television station's weather forecast. I discussed this with Chris and he recommended that we wait. I was able to talk the committee into waiting. On Sunday, they wanted to again, postpone. After talking with Chris, he again suggested that we wait, as it was looking more and more promising that we could get the festivities in without any rainfall. Chris stayed in communication with me all weekend long. Monday morning, after watching TV forecasts as well as the National Weather Service forecast, the council wanted to postpone. By this point, the committee was so interested in Chris' outlooks that we were able to delay postponing. Chris said that we wouldn't see a drop of rain and that the skies overhead would begin to break. What did we see? No rainfall and some peeks of sunshine around 8:00. Thanks to this service, our community was able to continue our tradition of an official July 4th celebration. I highly recommend this service! I also recommend the website. It is very professional and easy to navigate and access. THANK YOU CHRIS!!!

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