11 Things

  1. I am a huge sports fan.  I love watching the CUBS/PACERS/COLTS.  I have attended a World Series game (Atlanta, 1991), an NBA Finals Series (Pacers, 2000) and an Indianapolis 500 (1992).
  1.  I have been participating in Fantasy Football for 13 years.  I am very competitive, and even win sometimes!!
  1.  My first job was in the corn fields of Tipton County.  It wasn't easy work, and it gave me much respect for those in the agricultural industry.  It also showed me how much farmers stress over the weather.
  1.  I have met 5 Indiana Governors, and attended a ceremony with Evan Bayh before he was Governor, while I was participating in Boy's State at the ISU campus.
  1.  I was hospitalized twice before the age of 4 with pneumonia, and destroyed an oxygen tent during the process.  Although the tent wasn't my friend, I have never had a broken bone.
  1.  I have 2 children who are my best creation.  We were in the delivery room twice within a calendar year!  My kids are my pride and joy,  and were confirmed into the church on Easter, 2016.
  1.  I have never seen an episode of Friends, Seinfeld, The X Files or The Sopranos.  I loved The West Wing, Boston Public, The Office and ANY sitcom from the 1970s.
  1.  I am an animal lover.  I have had dogs and/or cats for most of my life.  One of my favorite places to visit is the zoo with my children.
  1.  I attended high school with, and lived a few blocks away from Ryan White when he attended Hamilton Heights.  I became trained through the American Red Cross as a certified AIDS/HIV educator.  Besides teaching students about weather, teaching them about HIV and my friend Ryan were my favorite times spent in the classroom.
  1.  I love music, but can't sing a note, can't dance and can only play the basics on a keyboard.  I CAN still play the recorder!  Thank you Mrs. Flook!!
  1.  I have seen a couple of funnel clouds in my life, but only one tornado.  I was doing some local storm chasing for Brian Wilkes of WXIN during the summer of 1999 and witnessed....a little too up close and personal.....the tornado that tore the roof off of Taylor High School, just east of Kokomo.  Tornadoes still thrill me, but unless you have been within a half a mile of an F-2/3 tornado, you can't totally understand how powerful these storms can be, and how they need to be respected.